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Diego Rivero
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Probably the best steak in Hasselt, highly recommended. Place is small, so better book in advance.
Robin Jenny
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What a great tent! They have delicious types of meat (starters such as pieces of meat and sausage, etc.) and it can certainly be very expensive, but the taste makes up for it all. Zeer vriendelijke bediening en een uitstraling.
Loes Visscher
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What an experience. They have really top quality meat here. It's not a cheap restaurant, but you pay for premium products. It is not your average restaurant and really for the meat lover. Their gin & tonic is also worth a try. Recommended.
Dimitri Alenis
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Simply the best steak restaurant in Hasselt! Delicious culinary spoiled! The crooked comments here have no understanding of good meat
Koen Wagelmans
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Butcher is a very pleasant business. The quality of the meat is of a very high level. Besides the great food, the chef and waiter are also very pleasant and friendly. The setting is very nicely decorated and looks authentic. That's also the concept I think of going back to authenticity.
Frank Oers
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Definitely recommended if you like to eat good meat
Ronald Schuyten
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We had a plank street food with ribs, wings, burrito and other finger food, very tasty. Just like the fillet pure with pepper sauce. A must is the donut or churros for dessert. Friendly and helpful service.
Jurgen Mangelschots
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Best restaurant! Top restaurant! With our own matured meat straight from the country of origin, the 20 years of experience of the master chef puts no harm on your plate. The nice decor, the pleasant service, together with nice company makes the place to be! The best meat restaurant in Hasselt for good reason! Price and quality over the top!
Paul Waaijman
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Super food, portions big enough and nice atmosphere.
Paco Taco
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Top Quality Meat. Very satisfied. Friendly owner. Best meat restaurant in Hasselt. Carry on like this.
Kalchas Vangeloven
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Very tasty food, top quality! We will definitely come back here!
Linda Tubbeckx
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Reminded us of 'Burger and lobster' in New York. Very tasty and pleasant service. Worth repeating.
Oscar van den Braak
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Very good food and very friendly service



Butcher gin


Grillfather's Burger


Street food plank

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Dry aging


Classic burger


Moscow mule


1,5m burger




Rubia gallega

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Filet pur

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steak tartare

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Filet pur

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PHOTO-2023-02-09-21-30-44 4

Tomahawk on grill

PHOTO-2023-02-09-21-30-43 9

Cote à Los

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PHOTO-2023-02-09-21-30-43 4

Ramis Pirigam

PHOTO-2023-02-09-21-30-42 10

Ramis Pirigam

PHOTO-2023-02-09-21-30-42 7


PHOTO-2023-02-09-21-30-42 4

Dry aging

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Burgers & Meat

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Tomahawk Dry aging

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Butcher drinks

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Don Taco

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PHOTO-2023-02-09-21-30-41 2



Cote à l'os


Dry aged meat



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Let's meat

The Grill Restaurant Of Hasselt

At Butcher Grill & Bar we offer the complete meat experience. Passion and respect for the product, that’s what it’s all about. Located in the Guido Gezellestraat, 200m from the Dusartplein in Hasselt.


Gift tip? Order a personalized steak knife from us for your family, loved one, friends, …
Ask our staff about it.


Dry Aged meat

We select the best premium beef that we dry-age in a dry-age cabinet with hymalaya salt, which ensures a unique slow seasoning. Breeds of beef such as Wagyu Kobe, Rubia Gallega, Black Angus of Azores, Limousine, Chianina, Hereford and excellent pork Pluma Iberico alternate on the suggestion card.

During the dry-aging process, naturally occurring chemical changes, including bacterial, enzymatic degradation and oxidation, make the meat more tender and flavorful. It’s the depth of flavor and tenderness that creates value and sets dry-aged beef apart from what can be found in the average supermarket.


Butcher Bar

You can choose from an extensive offer of drinks. In addition to the well-known classics, we also have nice discoveries including our Butchers Gin, Butcher Grand Cru, Just Fucking Good Wine, … Our team will be happy to accompany you with adapted drinks, from the aperitif to the pousse cafe.

Butchers Gin
Butchers Beer
Moscow Mule

Rain or shine, it’s
time to dine

Book your table at Butcher Grill & Bar and discover it for yourself.

Wereldrecord langste vleesplank voor Hasselts restaurant: “Hopelijk zijn er genoeg mensen met honger”