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What does Butcher stand for?

Butcher, the meat restaurant in Hasselt where craft, passion and quality are central. In addition to standard opening hours, you can also enjoy house-aged meat or 100% beef burger after midnight at Butcher. Our kitchen is open 12pm – 2:30pm & 4:30pm – 2am, after midnight reservation only. A cozy meat restaurant with pure preparations and top-quality meat, that is what we strive for.



Years of Butcher



Years of experience

Butchers weapons

Butchers BBQ

Dry Aged Beef

Argentinian Parilla / Charcoal Grill

We grill on charcoal

How does butcher work?

We select the best premium beef that we mature ourselves and then grill on charcoal. This ensures the unique flavors that we strive for. With our dishes you can choose from different simple and seasonal side dishes. These are handmade from daily fresh products.

By grilling on charcoal we always have an improved taste. As the meat heats up, droplets are released that hit the super-hot charcoal and burn. These droplets are full of fats, oils, sugars and proteins that evaporate and rise again in the meat they came from. This is how you get that delicious taste from grilling on charcoal.

Our chef

Ramis Pirigam

Our Chef/Owner Ramis Pirigam. After his journey through gastronomic restaurants at home and abroad, he opened his meat bistro in 2017. With a passion for pure preparations and top-quality meat, Ramis welcomes you to Butcher Grill & Bar in Hasselt.

Rain or shine, it’s
time to dine

Book your table at Butcher Grill & Bar and discover it for yourself.


What our customers say

Loes Visscher
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What an experience. They have really top quality meat here. It's not a cheap restaurant, but you pay for premium products. It is not your average restaurant and really for the meat lover. Their gin & tonic is also worth a try. Recommended.
Koen Wagelmans
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Butcher is a very pleasant business. The quality of the meat is of a very high level. Besides the great food, the chef and waiter are also very pleasant and friendly. The setting is very nicely decorated and looks authentic. That's also the concept I think of going back to authenticity.
Frank Oers
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Definitely recommended if you like to eat good meat
Ronald Schuyten
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We had a plank street food with ribs, wings, burrito and other finger food, very tasty. Just like the fillet pure with pepper sauce. A must is the donut or churros for dessert. Friendly and helpful service.
Jurgen Mangelschots
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Best restaurant! Top restaurant! With our own matured meat straight from the country of origin, the 20 years of experience of the master chef puts no harm on your plate. The nice decor, the pleasant service, together with nice company makes the place to be! The best meat restaurant in Hasselt for good reason! Price and quality over the top!
Paul Waaijman
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Super food, portions big enough and nice atmosphere.
Paco Taco
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Top Quality Meat. Very satisfied. Friendly owner. Best meat restaurant in Hasselt. Carry on like this.
Kalchas Vangeloven
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Very tasty food, top quality! We will definitely come back here!
Linda Tubbeckx
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Reminded us of 'Burger and lobster' in New York. Very tasty and pleasant service. Worth repeating.
Oscar van den Braak
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Very good food and very friendly service

1,5m Burger

The biggest burger of Belgium

The biggest Burger in Belgium? You can find it at Butcher Grill & Bar in Hasselt. If you are very hungry or if you are with a group of 10 to 20 people, please contact us to order your 1,5 m burger. You must do this at least two days in advance.

Grootste Burger Van Belgie

In the media

Butcher in the press

Pirigam (41) came to our country with 100 dollars and broken shoes, now he has a successful business

Butcher Grill & Bar makes gigantic 14 kilo burger for special challenge.

Lunch on a stick: The Yacht introduces pintxos to Kanaalkom.

Mothers are really worth their weight in gold at this Hasselts restaurant on Mother's Day.

Butcher treats on August 27 for five years.

Restaurant refunds customers' parking ticket.

The largest hamburger in the country can be found in Hasselt.

Langste Burger van België

Hasselt's restaurant serves the longest hamburger in the country.

Golden Steak

The golden steak that rocked the international football world can now also be eaten in Hasselt.

Gouden Steak Butcher

Golden steak now also in Flanders and at a 'bargain price'.

The kitchen stays open until 2:30 am.

Golden Steak

Golden 'Ribéry steak' can also be ordered just across the border.

You can now also eat golden steak in Hasselt.

Hasselt's restaurant Butcher Grill and Bar is tired of take-away in plastic boxes.

Our meat

Butcher's house aged meats


1st De Salers cows, a sturdy breed that can take a beating. Originally they are mountain cows. Because they are in motion a lot, they have well-developed muscles. The meat of the Salers cow is known in France as the best beef in the world. The sirloin steaks are therefore one of the tastiest of its kind.

Your personal steak knife

Are you already on your third visit to Butcher Grill & Bar? Then we have a personalized steak knife on offer for you. Totally free!
Ask our staff about it.