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Special treat for people from cultural sector

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Mothers are really worth their weight in gold at this Hasselts restaurant on Mother's Day.

Butcher treats on August 27 for five years.

Restaurant refunds customers' parking ticket.

The largest hamburger in the country can be found in Hasselt.

Langste Burger van België

Hasselt's restaurant serves the longest hamburger in the country.

Golden Steak

The golden steak that rocked the international football world can now also be eaten in Hasselt.

Gouden Steak Butcher

Golden steak now also in Flanders and at a 'bargain price'.

The kitchen stays open until 2:30 am.

Golden Steak

Golden 'Ribéry steak' can also be ordered just across the border.

You can now also eat golden steak in Hasselt.

Hasselt's restaurant Butcher Grill and Bar is tired of take-away in plastic boxes.

Wereldrecord langste vleesplank voor Hasselts restaurant: “Hopelijk zijn er genoeg mensen met honger”